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Hi, I'm Pat and I make jewelry.  That sounds so impersonal but true.


My passion for making jewelry began simple enough,  I had an amazonite ring that needed a necklace.  I like one-of-a-kind things and couldn't find one that worked.  So off to the bead store I went.  Found the beads I liked and created a necklace that brought me joy.  

That was so much fun I started buying more beads and doing more creating. About that time I had some surgery that limited my walking but I could still use my hands! As each piece evolved the hobby turned into a passion.  My body healed but the fun of designing and creating grew.  The end result was lots of necklaces and earrings more than any one girl can wear.  So here I am hoping to share the things that make me happy.


My process begins with finding beads I truly love.  Then I use accent beads to create designs that I feel best show off the beads.  I have been known to take apart a necklace and start over if it just doesn't do the bead justice. 

I hope you find something that just fits you and brings you joy!


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